Friday, September 28, 2012

Fab Faves 02

Hi stampers!  We are so happy that so many of you played along with us at our first color challenge!  We know this one was tricky but you all did fabulous!  It's not called a challenge for no reason, right?

Again, it was hard to narrow it down but here are our fab faves!
Kim S
Jen Timko
Jenn Sannes

Congratulations to the winners!

Make sure to check out the next fab challenge!

Happy stamping!


  1. You made my day!! This was such a gorgeous color combo...not one that I ever would have come up with myself, yet one that I will now use again!!

  2. Lovely choices! I think it was a great color combo!

  3. Oh, wow!! Thanks so much! Loved all the cards this week. Such a great set of colors!