Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Hi stampers!  We just wanted to say thank you to all who played along with us in 2013 and hope you'll come back and join us in 2014!

Don't forget we are taking a break for January.  With the holidays being so busy we figured we could all (including you) use a break!  Come back in February and play with us and work on all those stamping goals for 2014!

Speaking of goals maybe I can actually post the Fab Faves, lol!  I've been a flake (long story) for the past three challenges and I'm sorry!  I have the picks and I just need to post them!  BUT at least it gives us something to post during the break, right?  So hang tight and I'll get them posted in the next little bit, ok? :-)

We hope you had a fabulous 2013 and we hope you have an even better 2014!!!!!!!

~The Fab Friday Design Team


  1. Hope you are doing ok. Miss seeing your wonderful creations.


  2. Happy new year to you all at fab Friday and i can't wait to see you back here un February :)